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Ultra18 Redefining The Limits

Live longer, Feel good, Go beyond 

Who We Are

We enhance the overall brain & body optimization. We are redefining the limits of human performance, metabolism, lifestyle, and longevity.

We believe that our world is ruled by those who do extra but inspired by those who are ultra; we choose to inspire we are Ultra18.

At Ultra18, we believe in holistic health for all, be it physical health or mental health and regardless of who or where you are. This drives our commitment to helping you live a long, healthy and productive life by providing the very best natural, organic, and eco-friendly products.

To put it simply, Ultra18 is the one-stop shop for health-conscious, fitness enthused, lifestyle-conscious, and future-thinking consumers.

Ultra18 is committed to providing world-class health and fitness products, and business opportunities, helping a large audience across the world create a better future.

Drawing inspiration from the meaning of the word ultra in English and the meaning of the number 18 in Hebrew numerology, Ultra means beyond, and 18 means “Long Life”. Together “Ultra18” becomes “Beyond long life .“ Going beyond is what we live and work for. We believe that we should all strive beyond just wishing to live long but to live healthy, productively, and purposefully.


We have always been driven by the passion to help people improve their health, enhance their productivity and positively impact the overall quality of life. We consistently make available premium supplements, fitness accessories, and personal development resources for seamless growth and transformation. We are leading the transition to agile, healthier, and sustainable communities that aid long life!

Ultra18 is a holistic development hub of dietary supplements, and trendy fitness accessories. Our product array includes a wide variety of premium supplements categories that address general health, weight loss, fitness, personal development, empowerment, and transformation. We take pride in making use of only premium quality ingredients and materials for our products because we want our customers to get the best experiences.

The confluence of Celestial Wisdom and Cutting Edge Science, resulting in a personalized approach to a holistic human transformation that makes healthy living simple, fashionable and sustainable. We provide proven products that make you feel vibrant health at any age.

All Ultra18 products are effortlessly cool and contemporary. We offer a wide selection of life-enhancing natural products to help you reach the bliss of health. We are committed to elevating physically, mentally, and psychologically with longevity and quality of life being our ultimate goal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to globally enhance health, productivity and quality of life by seamlessly providing the world with Premium Quality supplements, fitness accessories and personal development resources that help you reach the bliss of health!

Our vision

To be a global breakthrough to healthier beings and longer lifespans! 

We are guided by:




Quality and High standards

Care and Compassion

Passion for a better future

Enhancing overall brain & body optimization

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