Ultra18’s Omega 3 Fish Oil is formulated from pelagic fish oil in pristine ocean waters. Our product is purified of
high amounts of heavy metals that are common in cheap fish oil products on the market. Fish oil is vital for
optimal cardiovascular, hormonal, immune, cognitive, digestive health, nutrient delivery, and recovery from
exercise. Over 63% do not consume the optimal amount of Omega 3 fatty acids in an American diet that is high
in hydrogenated vegetable oils that cause inflammation and heart disease.


Chronic inflammation is considered one of the leading causes of heart disease. Fish oil consumption reduces
inflammation levels in the body and provides cardioprotective benefits. Fish oil intake can change the
decreased expression of over 104 genes associated with inflammation atherogenesis-related pathways.
Supplementing with omega-3s has been shown to optimize insulin sensitivity, lower triglycerides, and HDL
cholesterol levels.
Fish oil supplementation has been showed to reduce major inflammatory biomarkers such as c-reactive protein
and homocysteine levels. In fact, many doctors believe that chronic inflammation is the root cause of
cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Ultra18’s Fish Oil is a powerful to combat
inflammation and reduce c-reactive protein levels.
Blood glucose is required to build triglycerides, and which is why increased blood sugar levels increases
triglyceride levels. Fish oil supplementation has been shown to decrease blood sugar levels and correlating
levels of triglycerides. In addition, fish oil lowers blood pressure via increased nitric oxide production and
induced endothelial relaxation. Fish oil is the foundation upon your cardiovascular and brain health
supplementation program is built upon and is paramount for a thriving healthy body.


Supports cardiovascular health by decreasing atrial fibrillation, atherosclerosis (plaque buildup),
thrombosis, blood pressure, and supporting blood lipid profiles (cholesterol panel) (73,74,75).

Supports cognitive health by increasing concentration of omega 3 fatty acids in the cell
membranes of the cerebral cortex and synaptic vesicles (76).

Fish oil consumption of 6 grams per day has been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce muscle
soreness, and reduce the perception of pain in exercising individuals (76).

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